How To Grow Viburnum In The Garden And The Pot

Growing a viburnum plant properly can be challenging. If you do not plant this shrub properly you will not get the expected results. In this article, we are going to tell you how to grow viburnum in the garden and the pot (container).

Viburnum is a beautiful flowering shrub belonging to the Adoxaceae family. Viburnum bush is extremely popular with landscapers and home gardeners for its exceptional ornamental qualities. It adds fragrance and color to your garden through its flowers and leaves. In this post in which we are talking about ‘how to grow viburnum in garden and pot’, in which first we will discuss growing viburnum in the garden and then how to grow this shrub in the pot. Let’s explore…


Steps of how to grow viburnum in the garden

Steps of how to grow viburnum in the garden

Step #1: Choose a Right Place

First of all, you have to choose a place in your garden where you can plant viburnum. For this, you can choose any place according to you. But it is good to plant viburnum in a place where it can get the sweet sun in the morning but it will perform comparatively better if it is shaded during the harsh sun of the day. By the way, viburnum shrub varies from one to another species when it comes to sunlight need.

Step #2: Appropriate Space

When you consider planting more than one viburnum bush, make sure that they are spaced appropriately. Different species of viburnum shrub have different heights and widths. So you plant them keeping in mind their mature size and the basis for their use in the landscape. Talking about the average distance, you can plant a viburnum bush from a distance of 5 to 15 feet.

Step #3: Soil

The soil should be such that it has a good drainage system. This is very important for viburnum. Because water-logging is fatal for it. If the soil is heavy or clayey, then you can take measures to make it favorable. Like mixing gypsum in the soil. This will give you even better results.

Step #4: Break the Rootball

Do not forget to break it a little before putting the root ball in the hole. When you take the plant out of the container, you will find that the root ball has grown to the same size as the container. Its roots will look tangled. Use your fingers to break these matted roots and remove some soil and roots. Do not worry about harming the plant as it benefits the plant. It is necessary to do this because the plant can spread its roots in the ground. On the contrary, if you take the plant out of the container and plant it in the same ground, then its roots will remain circular and tangled and its growth will stop.

Step #5: Make a Hole

The next step is to make a hole for planting the plant. The width of the hole should be twice or thrice the size of the root ball. While the depth should be equal to the root ball.

Step #6: Fill the Pit

After root breaking, put the plant in the pit and fill it with potting mix and soil. After filling the pit completely, if you want, you can make an earthen bed at a short distance from the root of a plant so that there is no wastage of water and the plant can get the proper amount of water.

Step #7: Watering the Plant

After that water the plant. For the plant to be well established in the ground, for the next 1 or 2 weeks, you should maintain the moisture in the soil, but do not allow waterlogging.


Steps of how to grow viburnum in the pot

Steps of how to grow viburnum in the pot

Step #1: Choose the species of Viburnum

If you want to plant viburnum in a pot or container, the first thing you need to do is find a species of viburnum that can be grown in containers. There are over 150 species of viburnum and some of them you can plant in containers.

For example, two species of Viburnum are being mentioned below which can be planted in pots (containers).

Viburnum Tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’

It is a species with glossy evergreen leaves and grows on white flowers and shiny berries. It matures to 1.5 m high and 1.5 m wide, making it suitable for container gardening.

Rosa ‘Little White Pet’

Its leaves are shiny. This bush becomes round which looks very beautiful to see. It grows white flowers that are full of fragrance. It is a small shrub and grows up to 60cm in height and 75cm in width.

Similarly, choose any small-sized viburnum species that are suitable for container gardening.

Step #2: The right place for pot according to sunlight requirement

It is important to choose the right place to keep the pot. Maybe you want to plant the pot indoors or in the garden or as a hanging pot. But wherever you keep it, it should get some sweet sunlight in the morning. But stay in the shade during the scorching sun. Because most species of viburnum shrub can be damaged by harsh sunlight.

Step #3: Break the Rootball

Just like planting viburnum in the garden, you need to break the root ball of viburnum while planting it in the pot. As told earlier when you take the plant out of the container its roots will look tangled. By using your fingers or knife break these matted roots and remove some soil and roots.

Step #4: Size of the Pot

To plant viburnum in a container, you should take a container of a slightly larger size. It should be at least 20 inches wide and deep.

Step #5: Fill the Pit

Next, fill the pot with a good quality potting mix and use some fertilizer for better growing. Now make a hole or dig a pit and put the plant in the pit. After that fill it with soil. Make sure the soil should be a little loose.

Step #6: Watering the Pot

In the end, give water and keep it in a sunny place. Water deeply once a week for the best performance of the plant and twice if the weather is hot.


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