What To Do With Overwintering Dahlia Tubers In The Spring?

Storing dahlia tubers has always been considered a good option. It would not be wrong to say that overwintering is the easiest and safest way to keep dahlias alive from season to season. But the new gardener doesn’t know what to do with overwintering dahlia tubers in spring? Here we will learn about it…

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What To Do With Overwintering Dahlia Tubers In The Spring?

Those who preserve dahlia tubers by overwintering them also take care that the tubers remain healthy and usable. Otherwise, what’s the point of working so hard? For this, the tubers have to be checked and taken care of from time to time.

The process of growing flowers from overwintering dahlia tubers occurs in several stages, beginning in early spring.

Unpacking And Checking Tubers In Early Spring

First, take out the tubers saved in an air-tight box or basket filled with slightly moist sand with peat moss or vermiculite. Then you have to make sure that the tubers are in good condition or not. Some tubers may show signs of rot. In such a situation, throw those tubers so that the rot does not catch the good tubers.

Also, check that the tubers are not too wet or too dry. They should be all right. If they are too wet, carefully wipe them with a tissue or cloth and leave them in the open air for some time. If they are very dry, sprinkle water lightly so that they get the required moisture. It is very important to take care of these things, otherwise, you will not get the desired result.

Dividing Dahlia Tubers Before Planting

Dividing Dahlia Tubers Before Planting
Image by F. D. Richards via Flickr

During unpacking and checking of tubers, you may see sprouts in some tubers. This is a good sign. This germination also indicates that the time has come for tuber division.

Dividing dahlia tubers is very easy. You have to find the “eye” located at the base of the tubers. This eye is found on the lower side of the stem. You can identify them as small pink bumps. Divided pieces/parts of tubers that do not have an eye will not develop. Therefore, divide the tubers in such a way that each piece must have one eye. In this way, you have cut and divided the tubers and they are now ready for planting.

Things To Consider Before Planting Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are a warm-season flower and frost is their worst enemy. These are planted in late spring and bloom in late summer into fall. After going through all the procedures mentioned above, now you have to see when is the last date of frost in your area. Dahlias should be planted only when there is no chance of frost left and the soil has warmed up enough. If you still have any kind of doubt then take tomato for reference. The right time for planting dahlias is the same as for tomatoes.


Maybe you want to enjoy dahlia flowers as soon as possible. But there is still time for winter to pass. In such a situation, you can start early by planting tubers in containers. For special information, you can read Some Important Tips Before Planting Dahlias.

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