How To Grow Dahlias In Containers?

One of the most asked questions about dahlias is ‘Can Dahlias grow in Containers?’ or ‘How to Grow Dahlias in Containers?’ So the direct answer is ‘yes’.

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Often people lack space. Some people either do not have gardens or are small. In such a situation, container gardening becomes a good option for growing flowers. On the other hand, if you have a garden with plenty of space, you can still grow dahlias in containers. With this, you can enhance the beauty of your patio, porch, and windows through those gorgeous and adorable flowers. Keep reading to learn How to grow dahlias in containers…

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Is it hard or easy to grow dahlias in containers?

Container-grown dahlias require much less care than garden-grown dahlias. Also, it is easy to grow. In some cases, you have to plant the tubers once and forget. (Only a few basic needs like continuing to water). Then when the time comes, you will get to see some flowers.

Some best dahlias for containers

Smaller varieties of dahlias are generally considered suitable for container growing. These smaller varieties grow to a lower height and require less care. Here we are listing some of the varieties of dahlias that are perfect for container planting.

  • Dahlia ‘Sunshine’
  • Dahlia ‘Ellen Huston’ (aka Dahlia ‘Ellen Houston’)
  • Dahlia ‘Impression Festivo’
  • Dahlia ‘Happy Single Party’
  • Dahlia ‘Happy Single Romeo’
  • Dahlia ‘Happy Single Wink’

How to grow dahlias in containers?

After selecting your favorite dahlias and purchasing their tubers, it’s time to grow dahlias in containers. To successfully grow dahlias in containers, you need to follow the instructions below…

Container selection and drainage

First of all, you will need a container in which you can grow dahlias. For most varieties of dahlias, gardeners prefer to choose larger pots. If you talk about size, then you will need a pot of at least 12 inches in diameter and at least 12 inches deep. If it is a little bigger than that, it will be better.

Another key point is drainage. Tubers will rot if proper drainage is not provided in the container. Check the container for this and if there is only one hole in it, then make some more holes. This will allow good drainage.

Soil for container

To grow dahlias in the container, it is necessary to have the right soil. For this, you should use 3 parts to 1 part potting mix and 2 parts garden soil. Fill the container about halfway with this mixture, using the bark and perlite in a slightly looser manner. The rest of the space will be filled after planting the tubers.

Giving Support to Dahlias in Containers

There are many varieties of dahlias that can grow up to a few feet tall. But their stems are very weak. It is difficult for them to stay safe without any support. Therefore it becomes necessary to give them strong support.

Some gardeners add support after the plant has grown and grown in the container when they really need it. However, this is not wrong. But there is a problem when doing this and that is the damage to the tubers while applying for the support. That’s why I advise you to put the support before planting the tubers. If it is not done now, any way you will have to do it later.

For this, take a strong pole or pipe of 5 feet. Bury it in the soil at a distance from the center of the pot. Tie the upper part of the support with the help of some wire or string, so that it does not move. If the support continues to shake, it will also shake the tuber sitting well in the soil, and the whole plant, including the tuber, will be damaged.

Planting tubers in the containers

Till now, the pot has been filled almost halfway and the support has been planted. Now it’s time to plant the tubers in the container. Lay the dahlia tubers horizontally in the container and add 4-6 inches of potting soil over the tubers. Tap it firmly, so that it sits well in its place.


You should give plenty of water once after planting the tubers. These are plants that require an ample amount of water. No matter where you are growing it. Water is essential for their development. In addition, plenty of water is also important for flower bud initiation.

Keep watering it according to the season. Keep in mind that the container should neither be too wet nor too dry. The watering interval may vary according to the different locations and the heat of the environment.


Dahlia is a lover of sunshine. An attempt should be made to give 12 hours of direct sunlight to container-grown dahlias. At the same time, for best results, you can also plan to keep your container in a place where it can get morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
Otherwise, keep these containers in a place where they can get a few hours of sunlight.

If it is not possible to do any of the above, then finally, whenever the weather is hot, put the containers outside where it can get full sun. Apart from this, you can also take the help of grow light set.

Some other care tips for Dahlias in Containers

  • Keep adding potting mix around the plant from time to time. Take care of dahlias in pots in every possible way.
  • If you want more flowers, you can give container dahlias a little liquid fertilizer once or twice a month. The amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer should be very less. Keep in mind that excessive fertilizer can damage the plant.
  • When the container-planted dahlia plant reaches 2 feet tall, pinch off the lower 2 pairs of leaves. By doing this, there is no risk of mildew on the plant. Apart from this, air circulation is also good.
  • If you want to make the plant bushier, pinch off the top growth. If you want a tall plant, let it grow.
  • Also, take care of pests or other diseases and also take necessary steps.
  • As the plant grows taller, tie it lightly with support.

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