Fertilizing Dahlias: Everything About Dahlia Fertilizer

Do you have various questions regarding Fertilizing Dahlias? Like whether dahlias should be fertilized or not? If yes, what should be the best fertilizer for dahlias and when should it be given? If you are surrounded by these questions then all the answers will be found here.

The amazing flowers of this plant create a rainbow view in the garden. You get to see this beauty from the early summer to early winter. But their charm may reduce due to low nutrients. We complete their nutrition by giving fertilizer, water, and some other care. In this post, we will learn everything about Dahlia Fertilization.

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Do Dahlias Need Fertilizer?

Dahlias belong to a group that demands a lot of nutrition. It takes a lot of energy for big roots, stem, and leaf growth. Some of its verity produce very large flowers. So they need fertilizer. It also needs external nutrition to stay healthy. Hence it needs to be applied with manure/fertilizer from time to time.

If dahlias are fertilized within 30 days of planting, the tuber will sprout quickly. Plus, fertilizing the plant at a young age gives it enough energy to produce more flowers and healthy roots.

NPK Value Of Fertilizer

NPK Value of Fertilizer

Let us understand the fertilizer and its elements before we talk about the perfect fertilizer for dahlias. This interpretation is especially for new gardeners who do not have proper knowledge of it. If you already know the NPK value of the fertilizer, please read the next heading below.

Let us understand the fertilizer and its elements first. Mainly new gardeners may not know about it.

Generally, fertilizer means nutrients that are given to plants and trees. You will find all types of fertilizers in the market. But in most cases, one fertilizer is different from others. The reason for this is their quantity and elements present in it. The fertilizer which is good for one plant becomes bad for the other. Therefore, it is vital to know the elements of the fertilizer. In simple language, it is called the NPK value of fertilizer.

NPK is visible on the fertilizer container. Indeed, NPKs represent three important nutrients called Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). All of these have their importance. Also, they have different effects on any plant.

People use nitrogen (N) to increase the growth of leaves and stems. Phosphorus (P) is important for flowers, seeds, and fruits. Whereas Potassium (K) is good for the whole plant. This helps to grow roots & stems and the enlargement of leaves, fruits, and seeds.

What is the meaning of 10-20-40 fertilizer written on the container of fertilizer? It says that the container contains 10% Nitrogen, 20% Phosphorous, and 40% Potassium by total volume.

We hope that in the future you will not be bothered due to such numbers related to fertilizers.

Best Fertilizer For Dahlias

Best Fertilizer for Dahlias

We love the dahlia for its flowers. That’s why we plant it in the garden or container. The more flowers, the better. Fertilizing the dahlia becomes necessary for more flowers.

A fertilizer that has a good amount of phosphorus and potassium but a low amount of nitrogen is best for dahlia flowers. Phosphorus excites flowering. Potassium gives the plant strength to withstand disease attacks. Whereas nitrogen only encourages the growth of stems and leaves. While it greatly reduces the flowering. If the fertilizer is high in nitrogen, you will see greenery on the dahlias instead of flowers.

A 5-10-10 or 10-20-20 composition will serve as the best fertilizer for dahlias. If you want, you can also use 5-10-15 fertilizers. Use them at the rate of 1 kg per 9.5 square meters (2 pounds per 100 square feet).

If you are still in doubt about dahlias fertilizing, let us give a simple example. Give dahlias the same low nitrogen liquid fertilizer as we use for vegetables.

Homemade Organic Fertilizer For Dahlias

It is good to prepare soil rich in organic matter for planting dahlia tubers. To supply organic matter to dahlias, you do not have to buy it. Although you can prepare it at home. Apply compost, fermented manure, or wormwood evenly to the soil before planting. It will meet dahlia’s fertilizer needs.

When To Fertilizing Dahlias

Tuber planting is the best time to introduce organic manure into the soil. Then the process of fertilization begins after these tubers germinate. Apply manure or fertilizer every 3 to 4 weeks from mid-summer to early autumn. You can increase or decrease the frequency of fertilizer application. It depends on how you expect results from dahlias. Pay special attention that there is no excess nitrogen in the fertilizer.

The type of fertilizer you choose will determine how often to apply the fertilizer. If it is a slow-release then twice a season fertilization will suffice. On the other hand, If it is a quick-release fertilizer then apply several times.

The Right Way To Fertilizing Dahlias

It’s always good to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the fertilizer you buy. Because different manufacturers recommend different fertilizer methods.

Let us talk about the common method of applying home organic manure or fertilizer. It would be right to put about half a cup of compost in a 2-foot circle of the plantation area. After this, mix the compost a little in the soil. 

The upper roots of the plant can burn easily by fertilizer. So, don’t let the manure/fertilizer remains in the upper part of the ground for a long time. Water after applying fertilizer. So that the fertilizer along with the water reaches the main root system. This can be the right way to fertilize dahlias.

Summary For Fertilizing Dahlias

Dahlias are undoubtedly large feeders. This quality makes them demand fertilizer. This gives energy to the dahlia. When you give it love it will gift you its beautiful flowers. Needless to say that they are famous for their adorable flowers.

Let us take a look at what are the essential elements in the care of dahlias.

  • Keep giving it the right fertilizer at the right time.
  • Keep adding the right amount of water.
  • Recognizing the symptoms and treatment of diseases.

If it gets a lot of love, it will help keep your garden looking attractive all summer long.

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